Services Available at Home

Are you unable to get to the practice but have ongoing health issues?

There are a number of different services and interventions we can offer at home. Please note these are pre-bookable and not available on the day. For an acute need, please see the Home Visiting section.

  • Spirometry (testing for asthma and COPD )
  • 24 hour blood pressure monitoring
  • ECG
  • Testing for INR (if you are on warfarin)
  • Weight checks
  • Vaccination including seasonal flu
  • Chronic disease reviews (except diabetic eye screening)
  • Bereavement visits
  • Advanced care planning visits (for patients approaching end of life)
  • Cancer care review (especially if receiving treatment which will affect your immune system – chemotherapy etc)
  • Or any disability which means you are unable to attend the surgery for routine care, be it physical, emotional or intellectual

Also please note that there is limited availability of resources and so if you are able to attend we will request that you come to the surgery.

home visit